A "Peace" of Kate: "Cherishing the Time" Written by the Van Looy Family

Rosemarie Van Looy was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in early September 2007. After initial cancer treatment, she received a blood stem cell transplant in early summer 2008. The results were just amazing. Two months later we enjoyed a bus trip to Bransen, Missouri. - During the next four years we experienced great ups and some downs, with additional treatments at our local cancer doctor. In early 2012 Rosemarie's health started to deteriorate and she succumbed to this horrendous decease on July 6, 2012.

My cousin Bill Fassbender was also diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. He received his treatments in North Carolina. Eventually, he, too, had a blood stem cell transplant, which greatly improved his health and allowed him to create wonderful memories with his family, as well as play many more rounds of golf. But the cancer returned and Bill passed on about a year ago.

Rosemarie and Bill were the beneficiaries of the latest blood cancer treatments. The amazing reserarch results allowed both to enjoy years of enjoyment with their families, unheard of just ten years ago. - Come, continue the search for better blood cancer treatments and an eventual cure. You are playing such a very important role in this quest.

On behalf of Rosemarie and Bill, and their families, we thank you for your continued support.