A "Peace" of Kate: "Every Step Counts" Written by Krista Coppola Patterson

Hi All,

I am so proud and honored to be participating in Kate’s race for my second time. Last year, Ed, his entire family, friends (especially the amazing Pat Tully), and strangers were all such an incredible inspiration and support system to my sister, Meghan, my brother and me.  I do not have enough words to express my gratitude and deepest appreciation for including my sister and our family into your event honoring Kate’s memory.

About 18 months ago in an almost perfect world, I received a phone call that would change my life forever. My twin sister, Meghan, at 34, was diagnosed with AML a week after giving birth to her third daughter. Without hesitation I was on a plane and ready to fight like hell with her and for her three little girls. The next several months were a true testament to the strength, tenacity and grit that makes my sister who she is…a true badass. No amount of chemo would keep her in bed. Every day in the hospital for months she would walk up and down the hallway, and on days that her counts were too low to leave her room, she would walk back and forth in her room. Even if on some days it was just a few steps.  On every walk we took she would say how she was visualizing walking up to the beach in the summer.  It kept her going. And it worked.  In less than a year, she had a baby on the bathroom floor, was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, got in remission, had a stem cell transplant, had liver and kidney failure, moved, raised 3 kids, and finally got to take her first walk up to the beach… at Kate’s Race last May.

I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Kate, but I now have this vision of what a beautiful person she was from reading and hearing everyone’s stories and feeling the energy of all her loved ones at the race. I want to thank you Kate, for selflessly leading the way for others and for my sister. Before the race last year, Kate’s Dad met my sister and said, “May Kate’s light shine on you today and every day.” I think that says it all. 

See y’all at the race!

In health and hope,