A "Peace" of Kate: "Tribute to Our Carol" Written by the Higgins Girls (Christine, Lisa, Gina & Tracy)

Carol "Augie" Murphy loved life especially "organizing" everything down to the very last detail!  That's why we nicknamed her Augie.  Her love of organizing had her fully involved hosting and planning big parties to small gatherings and anything in between.  Carol always looked like she stepped out of a fashion magazine whether we were going shopping, out to dinner or going to the beach.  She perfected this skill on her husband, Mike, and so it won't surprise you she planned her "send me off to Heaven party" and had Mike execute it down to the very last detail!   No one could plans things better than Carol. 

Carol was an amazing wife, sister, Mom and best friend to our parents, Irene and Bob.  From a very early age Carol & Mike and our Mom and Dad have been inseparable.  They did everything together and had so much fun enjoying life.  Carol was our 2nd Mom.  Her sparkling green eyes and her beautiful smile would light up a room wherever she went and we all admired how put together she always was, outfit, shoes, jewelry...everything all perfectly matched. 

In August of  2011 Carol was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma, a very rare cancer which begins in the bile duct and ultimately affects and shuts down the liver.  Seriously, who could even pronounce this name let alone battle this type of cancer?!    For almost 18 months she underwent numerous treatments & procedures in NY and Florida to put the cancer in remission.  She endured all of this despite being told there wasn't a cure.  She lived life on her terms and battled the cancer on her terms too.  She fought a courageous battle & never gave up hope.  She never let the cancer get the best of her and during this time never missed an opportunity to be with us at our family gatherings.  She was an inspiration to all who knew her & our lives will never be the same without her. 

Carol passed away on April 11, 2013.  Our team “Carol’s Crusaders” will run/walk in her memory at the Bay Head 5K for the 2nd time this year.  We miss her every day but she lives forever in our hearts.    Her send off party included her wanting the song "Smile Though Your Heart  Is Breaking" played.  We still smile with broken hearts but not broken spirit.  We were all so fortunate to have her in our lives and it gives us peace knowing she's with the Lord, experiencing happiness forever.

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