A "Peace" of Kate: "Tricky Kate" Written by Ray Shea

I’ll never forget the night I was sitting at the kitchen table after dinner in Farmingdale. One of Kate’s cats, mostly black, walked past my chair and was just exiting into the dining room when a cat, mostly black, entered the kitchen by my chair. I jumped up and uttered “What the …!”  How could that cat have gone into the dining room, come out, run down the hallway and reentered the kitchen that quickly. It wasn’t possible…was it?  That’s when I learned for the first time that Kate and her mother had determined I wouldn’t know one cat from another if they were all basically the same color. So they regularly slipped in newly found cats of similar coloring and I blissfully assumed we just had an active cat that really got around.

You should have seen my face when I realized the truth. Remember Capt. Queeg played by Humphrey Bogart in Caine Mutiny? It was like the strawberries. I proved with” mathematical precision” that more than 5 cats inhabited my home!! To no avail of course, I kept grumbling but the cats kept coming.

 Epilogue—just last week Suzanne advised that she thought the house needed a cat!!