A "Peace" of Kate: "Character & Beauty" Written by Kate's Best Friend, Michelle Lyons

I met Kate almost 20 years ago, as she (and Marta) were peeking out the window in Bay Head, ready to approve/disapprove, as I picked up her brother Ed for our first date.  Over the years we became the closest of friends.  Kate was the type of person who always made you feel special or important.  No matter where you were or what you were doing, it was the best place to be, and the best thing to do.  She would make you laugh when you wanted to cry . . . even if it meant doing something silly or ridiculous to ensure your laughter and change of mood.

One thing that was so important to me, and always stands out in my mind, is how she handled knowledge of a tragedy that had occurred in my life years before I met her… the passing of my brother Jeff.  I remember her asking detailed questions about him and what he was like.  This did not stop with the initial inquiry, but rather continued through many phases of my life.  Kate would ask at different times of my life, “I wonder what Jeff would say” or “I wonder what Jeff would think of this”.  I can’t explain how special that was and how much it meant to me.  They say that “character” is doing the right thing when nobody is looking.  I think that is a trait that truly describes Kate.  This is just another positive attribute to confirm that as beautiful as she was, it was not nearly the best part of her.

Miss her always,